Arrowhead International Corporation was born in 1981 as subsidiary of Chiyoda Corporation, a leading engineering company (whose goal is creating harmony between energy and environment, and to contributing to sustainable growth.)

Since then, we have committed ourserlves to providing our customers with the best possible travel services from business trips to transfers to overseas countries. We pride ourselves to be the trusted experts. It is precisely this customer care and "Omotenashi" aided by the wealth of knowledge and experiences that our customers have valued over many years.

Our one-stop service offers everything the customers need, from consultation, ticketing flights, and helping with expenses. Recently we have evolved to providing 24-hour service to respond to last-minute travel arrangement and to change of plans while abroad. One valuable service, among others, that stands out as unique is assisting customers with overseas risk management. It is imperative for global companies to build and operate an efficient risk management system for their employees away from home, whether on a short business trip or on a long-term assignment.

To carry out a difficult task without a flaw and with accuracy. To serve our customers in a pinch (in time of needs), always with their best interest in mind. That is our goal, the true travel management service.

We will continue our challenge in seeking tangible "Omotenashi", with a sense of "Hospitality" in mind.

June 16, 2017
Nobuhiko Nishimura,
President & CEO, Arrowhead International Corporation