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From planning to accounting, our professional staff will provide optimal business trip services with speed and accuracy to meet each and every customer's needs by utilizing the long-established experiences and know-how.

Based on our past achievement of arranging business trips for various companies, we can make a plan to meet your request quickly and accurately.
Furthermore, we provide consistent services of your voyage including planning and arranging accommodation, applying the visa, and other necessary procedures to ensure the traveler’s safety during their trip.

AIC’s expert in business trips / Too many changes in the itinerary / Troublesome to choose an air ticket / For my first visit, which hotel should I stay? / How can I reduce expenses for a business trip? / Want to manage risks of travelers / Business trip always on such short notice / No time to make a plan / Want to confirm an itinerary / Want to simplify settlement of travel expenses / Planning overseas tour /

Covers wide areas around the world

We boast practical accomplishment in various areas around the world including, Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Safety of traveler and reassurance for the company and family members

In supporting our customers' overseas travel, we place top priority on a traveler's safety, but we also endeavor to provide the company and its family members with a sense of reassurance considering their anxiety.
Moreover, travel arrangement status can be checked any time via our risk management system (A-TRIMS).