Even more thorough risk management system

Besides our staff's accurate, efficient and swift travel arrangement, we are paying attention to the "safety of the traveler".
For the safety of traveler and to emphasize "risk management", we have revised the department name to "Travel Management Service Division".

We can provide you a safer business trip with our professional "risk management service".

Safety information website for overseas travel

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety HP http://www.anzen.mofa.go.jp
OTOA Safety information by city - Travel Support http://www.otoa.com/support

Risk Management System "A-TRIMS"

A-TRIMS (Arrowhead Travel Risk Management System) consists of two systems to support our customers' overseas travel risk management effectively.
* Japanese service only

Benefit of introducing A-TRIMS

  • Able to designate a travel manager who is in charge of risk management.
  • Able to search and confirm itinerary details.
  • Able to confirm the safety of your traveler via e-mail or mobile phones.

A-TRIMS web risk management system (Confirmation of traveler's itinerary)

The travel manager can search his (or her) traveler's itinerary quickly and easily from partial known data such as visiting country or city, duration of visit, or from flight numbers.

A-TRIMS web risk management system screen image

A-TRIMS web overseas travelers safety confirmation system

By retrieving an airline ticketing device information and ticketing data, safety of a traveler can be confirmed quickly and effectively via e-mail or a mobile phone based on its itinerary. Even prompter safety confirmation is available if you use AIC for arrangement of overseas airline tickets.
A-TRIMS is based on the Internet environment, so that registered manager of a company can access and confirm travelers' safety at anywhere anytime.

  • *Japanese service only

Characteristics of A-TRIMS

  • Allows customization of data.
  • Allows safety confirmation of a target traveler on the website.
  • Gathers the report on safety confirmation of a target traveler.
  • Automatically reconfirms safety of a target traveler whose safety report is missing.

A-TRIMS web risk management system screen image

A-TRIMS amp system flow

Overseas Business Travelers' Safety Confirmation System

We will contact you to arrange travel AIC the request from your travel bidder department. Have them contact you e-mail address, phone number, etc. to AIC from the corporate travel management bidder. I will send the path information of your visitors like to A-TIRIMS amp system from AIC. I will send a confirmation e-mail safety to your travel bidder from A-TIRIMS amp system. I will send a confirmation e-mail safety again to non-respondents. I aggregates to A-TIRIMS amp system answers email of travelers. Response information for your travel bidder will be able to confirm the information from the answer travelers corporate travel you own or manage by accessing the A-TIRIMS amp system.